My goal is always to capture your love story in a manner that is true and authentic to how you envisioned it to be. 


Like the perfect movie, the collection of photos that you receive is carefully curated so that no image is without a purpose. Your story, character traits, personalities, ideas and concerns are all taken into consideration in order to create a collection of photos that is unique to you and your partner. 

Born and raised in Vancouver. This city shapes who I am. I’m inspired by the outdoors that surrounds us which is a sentiment that is reflected in my work. 

Fast Facts

  • Fancies traveling and exploring new places. 
  • Enjoys trying new restaurants and learning new things about food.
  • In my spare time I like to mountain bike, hike, and read by the window. 
  • Core values are: Integrity, growth, balance, communication and gratitude.
  • Shamelessly loves Taylor Swift. 
  • Weekly blog can be read: Here

Your Story

Every little detail has been considered again and again. It’s the day of your wedding and after months of stressful planning you want no more than to be present and in the moment with those you love. The proud tears from your parents. The smiles you share with your new husband as you make your way down the aisle to the roaring cheers from your guests. The hollering laughter brought on by a comedic speech. In those moments, all that matters is right now. Your vision is now in the hands of your trusted vendors; a team that you’ve so carefully assembled after much thought and consideration. The most important thing to you now is that at the end of the day, you are married to the love of your life, and that you get to celebrate this day with those you love. No more stress about what could have happened then, or worries about what will happen next. 

My Favourite Things

My Favourite Things


01 / travel

San Francisco.png

02 / san francisco


03 / europe


04 / the woods


05 / the ocean


06 / good food


07 / good books


08 / summer sun


The Why

The Why

I’m attracted to stories. It is our individual stories that make each of us unique. 

What is love? It’s always been a curiosity of mine. As I work with more and more couples, I’m starting to find out that there is no concrete answer. But isn’t that what makes us special? That makes each couples story of love unique. To capture this story is what I do. 
The events of a wedding itself isn’t necessarily unique. Most people have a ceremony where they exchange rings. Most people cut a cake. Most people have laughs over dinner and drinks. The story of a couple does not begin on their wedding day; it begins when they first meet. From that point on, your connection with each other builds personality, character and quirks that are created only through the circumstances of your relationship together! It is those experiences that bring together the themes and details of your wedding. All of the moments that you and your partner will share with each other, as well as the moments shared and between friends and family. Those are the moments that I capture because those are the moments that tell the story of you.

The Bucketlist

The Bucketlist

When in line, chatting to my friend about my bucket list the man in front of my told me I’m far too young to have a bucket list. I think the early you start one the better so that you can start crossing things off! Here is my wedding specific bucket list that I’d love to shoot. If your wedding is described below, let me know!

A wedding at Willow Lane Barn near Calgary, Alberta. I love farm weddings!

A wedding at The Willow in Regina, Saskatchewan

A wedding at Pineridge Hollow, near Winnipeg, Manitoba

A wedding at Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto. It’d be so cool to shoot a really big wedding here!

A wedding at Sucrerie de la Montagne near Montreal, Quebec

A wedding at Blanchford Lake Lodge, North West Territories

A wedding at Villa Aurelia in Rome, Italy

A wedding at Laperouse in Paris, France

A wedding at Harrild and Sons in London, England

A wedding at Schonwetter in Berlin, Germany


The Back Story

The Back Story

The year was 2004, and mountain biking was all that was on my mind. That year, my brother received a digital camera for his birthday and my first thought was to take it out for my friends and I to capture each others' riding off jumps. The sound of the wind blowing past our ears, the moment of weightlessness was now captured for us to relive on screen. To my 14 year old self, this was the coolest thing ever.

Gradually I got into taking photos of everything that was around me through “photo trips” outings with friends. This was when I started learning about about composition as my camera at the time was still a lightweight point and shoot. The manual settings of a DSLR didn’t come until I was on my way to art school for industrial design. 

In fourth year, my friend Alex (who is now my second shooter usually) approached me about starting a blog that's a spin off of Portraits of UBC. This little side project of ours ended up being one of the most enjoyable things we did that year, and I actually liked school! Every few days we would wander the halls, looking for students and asking for their photos. This project helped grow my interest in photographing people and learning about their unique stories.

My first wedding came that summer when my friend needed a favour. I pretty much just snapped photos of what I saw in front of me and took the day as a learning experience. The couple was happy with the photos which started giving me ideas about pursuing photo instead of design, as the industrial design field is notoriously hard to find a job in.

Over the next six months, half my time was divided in finding a job in design and half my time was spent finding a job in photo. My quest ultimately ended up landing me a job assisting the photo team of a local company, so design was dropped entirely to focus on my new field. At that time I wasn’t sure on what my speciality in photo should be so it was a good experience learning from a team of photographers that I got to surround myself with daily. As I took on more weddings, I decided the corporate life wasn’t for me as I wanted to create images that are more personal; instead of having a team dictating how my images should turn out. 

Today, wedding photography is my full time job and I truly love what I do. Getting to work on a personal level with awesome couples and capturing moments that are so meaningful to them is a real honour. If my story sounds like we’d be a good fit for each other, send me an email! I would love to hear your story.