Wreck Beach Engagement: Risa + Matt

Risa and Matt’s shoot started pretty mellow like most any other shoot. After walking around UBC for a little bit I told them that there was this new spot at Wreck Beach that I’d like to check out and they were down so we got moving. According to google, there is supposed to be a path that brings you from the side of the street all the way down to the beach.

We started walking along the dirt path but we quickly hit a fence with signs telling us not to proceed. I asked Risa if she was down to hop a fence as she was in a dress and sandals and she was all for it. I don’t think any of us expected what laid ahead though.

The path got narrow and super steep. It was all super dry dirt and loose rocks. We were basically hiking down the side of the cliff.

The beach was smaller than we had expected, maybe because of high tide, but we made it work! Because this part of Wreck Beach is much more secluded there were a lot more characters here. Every 5 minutes a half-naked person would come up to us, high as a kite and talk to us for a little bit before moving on. It was a little odd but Risa and Matt took it in stride!

After we got out of the water we headed to Jericho Beach for some sparkler photos. Originally we were gonna do them at Wreck Beach but we were kicked out by a park ranger because apparently Wreck Beach closes! Rise and Matt wanted to do sparkler photos in the water and I just happened to have sparklers at home so we made it happen!

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.