Couples Interview Video

An interview style video of you and your significant other that is the perfect addition to your wedding reception.
See the full version of this video here.


How does it work?
I’ll come over and interview you and your significant other separately. You won’t get to see what the other person said about each other until the wedding, which is part of the fun!

Do we get the questions beforehand?
Nope! That way your answers are more authentic rather than prepared.

How long does it take?
About an hour to film and you’ll get the video two weeks from then.

Do all the questions and answers make the cut?
Nope, the video gets edited down to be around 5mins. You will also receive the full unedited version with all the answers in it for your own personal viewing.

Do we have to book you for a wedding to book you for this video?
Nope, you can book me for this regardless of whether or not you’ve booked me for your wedding photos.

How much is it?