Tofino Botanical Gardens

Located 6hrs from Vancouver by car, or 3hrs from Nanaimo, Tofino Botanical Gardens sits just outside of “downtown” Tofino, along Pacific Rim Highway. A network of paths and boardwalks will take you around the gardens, through the forest, to the water, and back to Darwins Cafe which acts as the reception site. Check out the ins and outs of a Tofino Botanic Gardens wedding below.


The Gardens

The gardens covers a span of 12 acres which includes the garden itself, forest, and the shoreline. There are pretty much an unlimited amount of places to get portraits taken here! Also, plenty of room for yard games and a great place to stroll around the a chat. You may even find a chicken or two wandering around. 

The Cocktail Hour

One of my favourite things about shooting at Tofino Botanical Gardens is the cocktail hour which you can have right in the middle of the old growth forest! Along with the trees, the area reserved for the cocktail hour also has access to the shoreline which includes an old abandoned boat. 

The Reception

The reception takes place behind Darwins Cafe where a tent is set up for the long tables. Once dinner is over, dancing will take place inside of the cafe which is pretty much connected to the tent. On a clear summer night, if you stand away from the tent and let your eyes adjust you can see the milk way with your bare eyes!

To learn more info about having a wedding at the Tofino Botanical Gardens, click here.