4: Finest Moment Film


Finest Moment film is a wedding videography studio based in Vancouver Canada. They started off with doing pre-wedding films and quickly moved into doing full on wedding videos. In this episode, I chat with owner and principle videographer Erik about what they have to offer, how to find the right videographer for your wedding, and much more!


Some more of what we cover in this interview

Why hire a videographer?

How to tell if a videographer is any good

What should couples look for in a potential videographer?

How photographers and videographers can work together as a team

Do videographers need extra time for portraits or do they just do video of what the photographer is setting up?

How many people from the team will show up on the wedding day?

How is the music chosen and how is copyright and license fees dealt with?

How do videographers handle camera-shy guests being comfortable in front of your camera? 

How much time goes into editing a wedding film

Why longer highlight videos are better

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Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.