I dont normally take photos of cars

But when I do its for my friend Howard. Howard and I have been friends longer than any one else I know. We met in grade one and have been friends ever since. Around fifth grade was when we both got into cars and when he turned 16 he got his first car. It was an old beat up POS '92 Civic that he named Laquisha. Since then hes pretty much gotten a new car every year and would always call me out to take photos of it when he does. The lastest shoot featured his latest car, an Acura TSX. Its too bad that it happened last minute so he didnt get a chance to clean his car, but it was still lots of fun and gave us an opportunity to try some new things.

*Shoot notes

Some of these photos arent really "on brand" but it was fun experimenting, especially with off camera flash.

I completely under exposed those panning shots unintentionally, so they got kinda grainy/noisy in the edits. I think it turned out okay though as it gives the photos some grit.

I have to thank Howard for helping me hold and direct my off camera flash. He was more than accommodating. 

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.