Seattle adventure

About a month ago we went on a little trip down to Seattle. We've been doing photo trips for years, but it was our first time doing an overnight trip. Our first stop was Deceptions Pass which was on the way to Seattle and recommended to me by my friends Sarah and Brian. We made it there just in time to catch the last bit of the morning light and we're very glad we took a tiny detour to check it out because it was quite a nice little spot.

When we arrived in Seattle our first step of action was to go for some lunch. The place we wanted to eat at wasnt open until 12 so we decided to go for a walk around the neighbourhood. We hung out in this park for a little bit before heading back to the restaurant. 

The restaurant we chose was Voila! which is a fabulous french bistro. I personally had Steak Frites which was delicious!

After lunch we checked in at the basement suite that I found through airbnb. It was my first time using that network and certainly wont be the last! I slept in the little crib on the corner.

Next we headed to the University of Washington, primarily to check out Suzzallo library. The whole campus was quite stunning, however the library was really something else. I felt like it was something straight out of Harry Potter.

A must visit for any trip to Seattle is the Public Market which was extremely busy on that particular day. We came here mostly to check out the original Starbucks as well as the throwing fish market. The Starbucks had a ridiculous line up, and my co worker who used to work for Starbucks told me that this one doesnt really have anything that any of the other Starbucks wouldnt have so we decided to pass. The throwing fish market however did not disappoint. It seemed to have a constant crowd and the guys there were very entertaining. 

We next headed to check out the Space Needle. Little did we know that it was located at the Seattle Centre which was a plaza just full of interesting buildings. It was also my first time seeing a Frank Ghery building, in this case it was the EMP Museum.

Before dinner we took a brief stop at Kerry Park to check out the Seattle Skyline. It was a hot spot for tourists and locals alike. 

We had dinner at The Crow before gearing up for some night photography. The restaurant was quite dark and the shot below was lit mostly with my iphone light.

The day was capped off with a solid session shooting Seattle Public Library. Pretty fancy building, if I do say myself.

The next day started at Sazeracs Restaurant. I think we were all down for a classic American breakfast.

After breakfast we set off to our final destination in Seattle which was Gasworks Park. There was some kinda Crossfit contest going on there and it ended up being a pretty swell place to hang out at.

The last stop on our trip was Snoqualmie Falls, which was about 45 minutes away from Seattle. On our way there we saw some sort of power speed boat race going on. Its hard to see and tell from the photos, but it was just ridiculous and not normal to see boats going that fast.

The falls itself were amazing. Probably the grandest and biggest water fall I've ever been to. We wanted to head down to the base of the falls but it was quite a long hike which we didnt have time for.

Overall the trip was a great experience. We made good time and had super productive days with many photo ops. Despite a minor hiccup, I look forward to our next adventure!


Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.