book reivew: Bullet Proof Knees


I recently read Bulletproof Knees by Mike Robertson and it was such a great resource for anything related to knee injuries and the musculature surrounding that area. As someone who has been into fitness and exercise physiology for the past few years, Mike's book is something that I can see myself referencing for years to come, especially as someone with chronic knee pain.

The book starts off by going into the physiology of the knee such as the bone structure and the surrounding musculature. Then it goes into what causes knee injuries such as how certain muscle imbalanaces causes certain types of injuries. The last phase of the book details into a three stage knee bullet proofing program which I'm going to get cracking on next month. I look forward to going through the entire program over the next three months to see how things go. My hopes is that it bullet proofs my knees for the coming riding season and on as I've injured my knee one too many times


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