porteau cove 2

A BBQ at Porteau Cove has become somewhat of an annual event with the guys. It's just nice to relax and take it easy. Porteau Cove is halfway between Vancouver and Squamish so the area is more quiet and you're pretty much guaranteed a spot upon arrival.

As usual, I tried to make some kind of Japadog inspired burger. This time I had gluten free buns with bison patties, seaweed, Japanese mayonnaise, mushrooms, avocados all topped with some teriyaki sauce. Still missing those bonito flakes though!

We were hoping to take pictures of the stars after since Porteau Cove is the best place to do this relative to the distance from the city. Being a cloud covered sky we didnt have much luck, but I still felt that I got some cool shots during the day; especially during the sunset. Also, Layhe has his new car there and wanted me to get some shots for him as well. Check out the pictures below!

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.