seawheeze half marathon

Rising before the sun isn’t something I do all too often, but when it’s for a shoot I am definitely game. I woke up at 4:30AM on the day of the SeaWheeze Half Marathon and made it to the sky train by 5:15AM only to find out the sky train doesn’t run until 7:30 on Saturdays. Luckily there was a cab across the street which took me to my starting location. 

From there I met up with my team and we hatched a plan for the day. We were assigned to the first hill of the race, and then we were to head to Cornwall Street to cover the cheer stations and the halfway point of the run. I have never shot anything quite like the SeaWheeze before! There was so much going on at one time, it was super easy to get overwhelmed. To put it into perspective, it was like shooting a wedding with two couples, two families, at one venue. I decided that I should focus on only the moments that I capture and not to worry about anything that I may have missed as I knew with the sheer volume of people there that another great moment would come up shortly. 

We had finished covering our locations early which gave us a chance to head back downtown to Coal Harbour and head towards the finish line. The emotions and atmosphere there was just amazing. The day was just full of fun, love, community and lots and lots of sweat! Would love to shoot it again next year. 

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.