grouse mountain engagement

I’m always up for an adventure and Matt & Jenn’s engagement session on grouse mountain certainly fit the bill. We headed up to Grouse in the morning and at that time it wasn’t raining in Vancouver so we were optimistic about the conditions on the mountain. Once we got to the parking lot we were greeted with some heavy fog, but none the less we remained excited about the shoot. 

When we reached the summit on the gondola we were thrilled to be able to find a clearing with no one around which allowed us to work to our hearts content. Although it rained and snowed at times our spirits were high and we had a great time shooting on the mountain.

To get a different look we headed up the Capilano Suspension Bridge just down the mountain for more photos. I’ve lived in Vancouver all of my life and have never been to the Capilano Suspension Bridge before so it was a real treat. Matt & Jenn had told me they were there only a week before and it was full of people that came to check out the Christmas lights but since the holidays were now officially over the environment was much more relaxed. We even managed to get a photo on an empty bridge to cap off the day! 

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.