Titisee, Germany - Strasbourg, France

Just got back from my travels and wanted to share a few pics to start off. This post will be tiny compared to the next few posts covering my trip which will be much more comprehensive. I wanted to start off with the low point of the trip as I got really sick on this day and hardly took any photos at all.

We headed off to the Black Forrest in the morning to a little town/lake called Titisee. My friend was pretty sick this morning, but I was still feeling fine at this point. When we stepped outside of the car I felt extremely cold for some reason, even though it wasn't that cold, about 3-4C if I recall. We went for lunch in which we had some authentic Black Forrest cake which has a unique taste for sure. It's a very hearty cake with a fairly strong alcoholic taste, but I did enjoy it over all. After lunch we quickly snapped a few photos of the lake and headed off to Strasbourg. 

I started feeling pretty crappy on the car ride to France and just slept most of the way. Strasbourg is a really beautiful city with lots going on. Just wish I wasnt such a zombie the entire time I was there. Below you will see the only pictures I ended up taking there. The next post will be much more uplifting!

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.