Biking Engagement Session: Alanna + Kevin

My life was all about biking as a teenager. Nearly every day I would go ride my bike with my friends. We'd ride through the neighbourhood, jumping off stairs, ledges, sometimes even building jumps ourselves. When I was around 16 my brother got a digital camera for his birthday and that was the beginning of my photography journey.


The camera was the size of a brick, had a 1" screen, and 3 megapixels. Not that any of that mattered back then. I brought the damn thing out to nearly every bike ride. Eventually, I upgraded cameras (because I broke that one) and got pretty into shoot biking for the next couple of years.

From there I got into shooting other things which eventually became weddings. Alanna and Kevin's engagement shoot allowed me to mix both of what I'm shooting now, which is couples, with where I began, biking.

Alanna and Kevin are avid mountain bikers and wanted to incorporate that into their photos. While it would have been a bit difficult for me to hike around bike trails without my bike, we made things work by shooting at Pacific Spirit Park as you see people bike there all the time.


For this shoot I even got to try something completely different, which is shooting with a GoPro. I borrowed a steady cam and a GoPro from a friend and tried to take photos with it. The last photo of this set is taken on the GoPro.

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.