Indian wedding - day 2 - the ceremony

Day two started back at Siya's parents house where we began with more henna; this time by Siya's aunt. It was nice having time with just the immediate family as it provides a more intimate experience. The natural light was a bonus. We then started to get ready with hair and makeup for the big day. 

Siya happens to be very passionate about makeup so it was only appropriate that she did her own makeup on her wedding day! You can check out her makeup channel on youtube here.

Once the hair and make up was completed, the wedding party helped each other put on their sarees. Siya's saree weighed as much as my camera, however it looked and photographed just beautifully. Right before we headed off to the temple, Siya and her brides maids took some time to open and share some gifts. Last minute preparations to some final details were made before we headed off in the limo.

Arriving at the temple, we quickly headed into a private room where the bridal party could make some final preparations for the ceremony. This room also provided a hiding place for us in a sense, as it's customary for the bride to not be seen by the guests before the beginning of the ceremony. Siya couldnt help but take a peak outside the room as the guests gathered. 

Rob arrives shortly after with his immediate family and is offered a ceremonial welcome by Siya's family. He is then joined by Siya's dad on the altar for prayers and a blessing. 

The ceremony officially beings as Siya enters the room with her cousins by her side. Prayers and blessings, mixed in with offerings of gifts start things off. 

A fire is then lit as the ceremony continues. In a Hindu wedding, the fire acts as the main witness and plays an integral role to the ceremony itself. During this time vows and rings were exchanged and we welcomed the new couple as Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery!

The ceremony is followed by two small games the first involving the henna on Siya's hand. It is said that the husband should be able to find his initials in his wifes henna. A crowed gathered as Rob successfully takes on the challenge. 

The next game involves Rob's shoes. Of course shoes are not allowed in the temple, and during this time the brides maids will take advantage of this and will hide his shoes as part of a traditional game. After the ceremony, Rob must find his shoes, or pay up; and it is the goal of the brides maids to get as much as they can out of him! 

The day is completed with a vegetarian dinner as the newlywed couple is greeted by guests at the head table. Tomorrow begins the party! 

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.