Kitsilano family photos

On one of the first nice days this spring, I headed to Kits Beach to take some photos of my friend Carley, her daughter Sayeh, and her sister Steph. This shoot had been nearly a year in the making and I'm so glad we finally got it done. As mentioned, it was a gorgeous day out, however it was quite windy at the beach, making it rather chilly. One of the challenges then was to get this shoot wrapped up quickly, but not to rush as that can effect the mood of the shoot; which would show up in the photos. The second challenge was the wind. Being just about smack in the middle of the day I had to make sure the angles were good for lighting, but also make sure that the wind was blowing in a direction that wouldnt mess up everyones hair. Here are some favourites.

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.