the cake and the giraffe - a bakery visit

Earlier this year I visited Dalana of The Cake and The Giraffe at her kitchen/bakery where I photographed her making a cake from start to finish. The cake she was working on was on the simpler side but some of the cakes she makes are straight up art! Seriously, they're so nice that I'd order one to look at and not to eat haha.

Going into this shoot not knowing much about cakes, I definitely learned a lot about wedding cakes, and baking in general. One thing that I learned was that I always thought baking is an exact science and everything you do has to be exact, but Dalana told me things just have to be close enough! Maybe it comes down to execution. Her execution is clearly excellent. My execution when baking is novice at best.

This shoot is a continuation of my personal project where I photograph creatives in their element. You can see my past shoots from this project here and here. You can check out Dalana and her cakes here:

Wilson Lau

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