Snowy Gastown Engagement: Amanda + Peter

Amanda and Peter's engagement was originally scheduled for the summer but from scheduling conflicts to weather issues we didn't end up shooting until December. It had been snowing quite a bit a couple of weeks before the shoot so I knew we were gonna have snow involved in the photos. They wanted to go to Gastown for their photos and I've shot in Gastown a lot, but the snow really gave it a unique look as we normally don't see that much snow in downtown Vancouver. 

On the day of the shoot it was snowing quite heavily which made things quite magical looking. Amanda's originally from Kitimat, BC so the amount of snow we had was nothing to her. 

We followed my typical route through Gastown, making our way to Crab Park. I normally wrap up at Crab Park, but this time I decided that we would keep walking to see where the path led us. Turns out the path just goes under the Convention Centre, and there's nothing down there. At some point even the sidewalk disappeared. 

As we finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel I let Amanda and Peter walk ahead and I took a quick snap of them walking away. This shot is the last shot that you see at the bottom. 

Really look forward to shooting their wedding next week!

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.