Siya & Rob Engagement

I was recently approached by Siya and Rob about getting some photos for them to use for the holidays. Since theyare engaged but have not yet had any engagement photos taken I approached this shoot in the same way as I would approach an engagement shoot. 

We met at the library downtown and started our shoot by working our way around the library. I like to start by getting my subjects to do something they're already comfortable with doing and isnt very out of the ordinary. In this case it was as simple as walking together.

Afterwards we headed over to Yaletown for more photos. I was having lunch in Yaletown the day before and scoped out some good spots for pictures. We were lucky that it was a cold Sunday morning so there weren't too many people around. 

As the day warmed up we made our way to Olympic Village where we finished the shoot. Before we started that day Siya and Rob told me that they were quite awkward in front of cameras but I told them not to worry about it. I feel like most people are and as soon as you get them comfortable it's like the camera isn't even there anymore. Together we ended up with some great pictures and I hope that they were able to get some good use of out them for this holiday season.