Thoughts on a Photo: Six

guys getting ready wedding

This photo here is the epitome of the groom getting ready on his wedding day. Now not all guys are like this, but most are. You show up, the guys are in various states of undress and half dressed, drinking and goofing off. They’re relaxed and not stressed at all, as evident with the feet kicked back on the table in the photo. 

I normally tell my couples that I arrive 1 hour before they head out, that way the brides got most of her hair and makeup done and it’s really just the final steps that were photographing since theres not much happening before hand. With the guys, its usually quite different as its not uncommon for the guys to get dressed 15 minutes before they head out. Theres a brief rush, and they’re out and away.

This photo was taken in Whistler, BC. 

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.