vancouver jewish wedding - sherry & richard

Ever since I got into wedding photography I've always wanted to photograph a Jewish wedding. There's something about their traditions that made them seem like lots of fun to photograph! The opportunity came up to second shoot one with Rhonda Dent and I jumped at the opportunity. The wedding did not disappoint! 

As soon as Richard stepped on the glass at the end of the ceremony and everyone in attendance said a congratulatory wish of "Mazel Tov!" the festivities began. The traditional music started playing and everyone shuffled into the reception hall with Sherry and Richard in the lead. The music picked up and everyone progressed into the horah dance. 

With my approach to photography, I like to shoot as if I'm part of the action, rather than a spectator so I was right in there during the horah dance. The energy during the dance was seriously like a concert! It was so intense which made it so much fun to shoot. Check out the photos below!

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.