night time explorations

After working seven days in a row due to a somewhat conflicting schedule I got together with Alex and Randy to do some night time shooting around Granville Island. It was good to get out and take pictures, especially after being inside all week and its always fun to visit the island after spending four years at school there. The whole intent of the shoot was to try out this method of zooming in/and/or out during an exposure to get some neat lines with the light. Although a fun experiment, I felt that my strongest shots from the night were from other endeavours. Perhaps it was just the wrong environment to try it in, though I'm sure I'll give it another go in the future. Here are some shots from that night.

*shoot notes

Dont even have to ask, the car picture is heavily edited. The Lamborghini also had an N sign on it.

I find with most night photography, there is a lot of colour spill and casts that were unwanted. A good technique I've found is just a desaturation mask, that way you still can keep a bit of the colour to make it look more natural.

All photos were taken with my cheapo $20 travel tripod and a $10 wireless remote to trigger the shutter. No need for fancy gear!

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.