westin bayshore bridal shower

Continuing where we left off last week, my friend Anita asked me if I would be interested in shooting her sister, Amy's bridal shower. I agreed immediately only to think to myself after, what on earth do they do at bridal showers? After some googling and talking with my female co-workers I figured out what it was all about.

The day came less than a week after I found out about it on an exceptionally hot July day. I was almost certain I walked in that day with sweat running down my forehead and recall being so sticky I couldnt even squat all the way down. The event took place at the Westin Bayshore in a specious private room with wonderful large windows. I had to make quick work of all the decor and environment shots before Amy came in for the big reveal. The rest of the day was filled with lots of delicious food (home made macaroons, what!?) gift opening, and toilet paper dress making. I wish all the best to Amy and her fiance Mike for their wedding in September!

The balloons are actually made by Amy herself! Check out her company at http://confettiandco.ca/

*shoot notes

I was so glad to have those large windows filling the room with light! There was a little bit of mixed lighting going on from the rooms lighting, which luckily was very dim. Despite this, they did have their effect, casting a bit of blue with my white balance which was a little tricky to fix.

Dont forget to have fun! It can show in your photos.

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.