tofino botanical gardens wedding

Break a leg. A phrase often said as a means to wish another luck has never rang more true at Kira and Ira's Tofino wedding. The couple first met three years ago on a romantic dinner at Nados Chicken. It was on that faithful day that a Facebook friendship started and following a healthy courtship that spanned various locations throughout western Canada that Kira and Ira became a couple.

Fast forward to late July, 2014; one month out from the wedding. In a freak accident, Ira had broken his leg in three places and was surely going to be on crutches for at least the next 6 weeks. 

As the excitement leading up to the wedding built, we were once again hit with another hurdle. Rain was in the forecast. On the day before we departed for Tofino, the weather wasn't looking good. It seemed that rain was imminent but it didn’t matter to me. I was on a mission to take the best wedding photos I have ever taken no matter what the circumstances. 

On the first night we were in Tofino, I remember waking up at around 1AM to the sound of pouring rain. The last thing I remember thinking about before falling asleep was sun. Think sun, sun happens. 

We woke up to sun. Glorious sun. Not cloud. Sun. Break a leg right? Luck was on our side. Nothing could go wrong as we were greeted to the most amazing day of events, and photography. 

I had never photographed or attended a wedding as unique as Kira and Ira's.  We started with the first look which was at Crystal cove. After giving the couple some time to themselves, we worked our way around the area for some portraits, taking advantage of our time together before we met with all of the guests. 

Situated at the Tofino Botanical Gardens the wedding started with a ceremony in the middle of the woods. Gathered were close friends and family with smiles that no weather could have phased. The short ceremony was filled with tears of joy, love and laughter, and soon enough, they were officially married. 

Now beings the celebration. Arranged was a three stage cocktail hour that brought the guests around the Botanical gardens, with each location greeting them with h’orderves and drinks. At each location we took the couple aside for a few minutes to capture the surrounding areas as it was important to the couple for the shots to feature the beauty of Tofino.

After the cocktail hour, we made our way onto the garden grounds in which a simply elegant family style dinner table setting was set up by the staff earlier. Much of the decor was actually made by Kira and her parents! The night progressed with games, delicious food and speeches that evoked both tears and laughter. In the midst of photographing the guests mingling and having a grand time, I took a look up and couldn't help but notice the the thousands of stars the scattered across the skies. I have never seen such a sight before, and honestly didn't not expect to see it then. The sun was more than what we could ask for; the stars was icing on the cake. 

I just wanted to finish with one more note. Kira loves cheese (hence her cheese-cake). She likes to say, think cheese, cheese happens, but leading up to her wedding she had changed that thought to, think sun, sun happens. She came up to me shortly before the night ended and said, did you see the skies?! Think stars. Stars happen. I know I mentioned above that I didn't expect things to turn out so perfectly, and its true; but the universe works in mysterious way. I purposely didn't bring an umbrella, and I also made sure to bring a tripod with the intent of shooting stars, despite seeing the weather forecast ahead of time. Making the best of what you have can turn out pleasantly well sometimes.

Break a leg!


Dress: David's Bridal

Suit: Moores

Kira’s Shoes: Aldo

Ear Rings: BHLDN

Hair & Makeup: Studio One 

Flowers: Crabapple Floral

Venue: Tofino Botanical Gardens

Wedding Planner: Rare Earth Weddings

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.