tourists in tofino

You just saw the wedding, now this blog features the trip to Tofino itself. We departed rather early on a Saturday afternoon worried about the long line ups that might await us since it was a long weekend. Upon arrival, we found out just how awesome getting a reservation was because there was no line up at all. Pretty much straight to the front of the line. It was nice being on the ferry again. The last time I rode on the BC Ferries was maybe 6 years ago! 

Less than 2 hours later we were on the road. It was such a beautiful drive. As we drove along, we found a spot that looked rather scenic and decided to stop for a bit and explore. The place was called Cathedral Grove, but we ended up walking in the wrong direction and instead found the houses along Cameron Lake. These houses were really cool because they were completely off the grid! It was also interesting in that no one was around at all. We walked around for about half an hour before heading off again. 

We drove for an hour or two more until we saw these interesting rock formations along a river. There were some people walking along the banks, so we decided to stop and explore for a bit as well. I've never seen anything like this before! After walking around this area for a little bit we headed off again, and this time didnt stop until we reached Tofino. At one point, for at least at hour we were truly in the middle of nowhere as not only did our cell phone reception die off; the radio stopped working as well! We arrived at the Spotted Bear in Tofino for an absolutely delicious dinner and settled down for the night. 

Saturday started with a tour of the Botanical Gardens and then we started shooting for the day. Of course we had to grab some Tacofino before the wedding!  The photos from the wedding can be seen here. After the wedding we returned to Crystal Cove to photograph the starry night. We stayed here until midnight, which by then the stars were starting to fade from the incoming clouds.

The last day started with breakfast at the Westside Grill; because fish n' chips for breakfast, why not? We then headed to the beautiful Cox Bay which is the most popular soft spot in town for some quick photos before heading back home. On the way back we stopped in Port Alberni for a quick lunch. We had such a great time in Tofino and hopefully we will be back again some time in the near future for another wedding!

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.