book review: one good deed

I recently read "One Good Deed" by Erin Mchugh, and I'm gonna say, it was just alright. Perhaps this was because I went in with an expectation that it was going to be more of a to do list for the reader; but instead it turned out to be a journal. In this book, Erin documents her daily good deed throughout the year along with a little story of the day. Some of her good deeds were truly impressive, things that I'm not sure if I would have done myself. With that being said however, other deeds, I wouldnt really count as a good deed, such as smiling at strangers, and buying tomatoes from the farmers market. More of choices, manners, and habits if you ask me. Overall, I will say the book was alright, as it was a very light read, both in the sense of reading difficulty and in making the reader thing. 

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.