Pitt Meadows Engagement: Michelle + Jeff

Some people say the best light to take photos in is overcast because when its overcast the light is completely even, so you can shoot in whatever angle you want and the light will be exactly the same. The thing about overcast lighting is that the light can be kinda flat and neutral. Not necessarily a bad thing, and sometimes it’s something that you’d want but if you want something more interesting you’d be looking at the other ideal light scenario, sunset.

Sunset, also known as golden hour creates the most magic warm light with a beautiful soft glow. The thing about sunset light though is that it’s very directional so you need to be able to work it well. Also living in Vancouver, we just don’t get that many sunsets haha.

For Michelle and Jeffs engagement session we had the unicorn love child of both lighting scenarios thanks to the forest fire smog. It was a sunny day, but because the smog was so thick we actually got light quality that was multidirectional like as if it was overcast, except with a warm tone due to the sun!

Wilson Lau

Photographer of weddings, and people alike.